Meet the Doctor

Meet the Doctor

Cosmetic Dentist Hinsdale IL

As you enter his office for your appointment, you may well run into another dentist coming out. He is a dentist that other dentists choose for their care.

He studied dental artistry at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, with some of the most talented dental artists in the world. He has also authored and co-authored numerous articles and lectured nationally and internationally on cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, anxiety-free dentistry, and composite bonding techniques.

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For the past two decades, Dr. Morgan has traveled widely, presenting hands-on and live-patient treatment programs as well as lectures, teaching other dentists aesthetic dentistry and composite bonding techniques.

He has served as an instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as well as Co-Director of the Advanced Posterior Aesthetics Program at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, University of the Pacific, San Francisco. He has taught in Europe and Asia, at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and is a regular presenter at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.

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Cosmetic Dentistry You Can Trust

Your smile is one of your number one assets; it can make or break a relationship, a job interview or quite a few other things in your life. Crooked, rotten or missing teeth can ruin your self-confidence as well. We at Dentistry by Design know how important your teeth and your smile are to you. We are so passionate in our work no one will know you had a smile makeover. Our cosmetic dentistry is top-of-the-line, and our dentist is the best at what he does.

Experienced, Skillful Dentistry

Not enough can be said about finding a dentist you can rely on to beautify your smile. Unfortunately, finding a bad dentist can lead to disastrous results. In fact, it could even affect the quality of your life. At Dentistry by Design, you can rest assured you are in the hands of an experienced, skillful cosmetic dentist. Dr. Michael Morgan is a top dentist in Chicago who never fails to communicate with his patients. You will receive scans with the latest low radiology x-ray technology. Once Dr. Morgan is able to make a diagnosis and determine treatment, he will sit down with you. Before he even gets started on your cosmetic dentistry treatment, he will consult with you one-on-one about your goals, fears and questions. He will explain the procedures in detail and let you know what to expect, both good and bad. This way, you will feel completely confident in the dentist you chose. Conveniently located in Hinsdale, we are proud to serve all areas of Chicago, including Burr Ridge.

We Offer Dental Implants and Invisalign

We've all seen people, primarily teenagers, with a mouth full of metal wires and brackets. Although this ultimately achieves a better smile, the process is quite daunting and uncomfortable. At Dentistry by Design, we also know you want your teeth to look as natural as possible, which is why our cosmetic dentist offers Invisalign and dental implants. However, we don't just specialize in cosmetic dentistry; we offer the residents of Hinsdale and Burr Ridge general dentistry as well. Whether it's a toothache or TMJ disorder, we are here to help you through it all.

Anxiety Free Dentistry You Can Depend On

It's normal to feel a little nervous before going to the dentist, but some people experience high anxiety levels, panic attacks or phobias. At Dentistry by Design, we understand having a dental phobia is too real for many of our patients. We specialize in anxiety-free dentistry. Just let us know about your fears and we can give you something that might help you relax through the entire procedure.We want you to be as calm and stress-free as possible, and we will make every effort to make you comfortable. How is that for anxiety-free dentistry?

When you need expert dental care in Hinsdale or Burr Ridge, you can depend on us to help you through it. If you need anxiety free dentistry, we can handle that too. Contact us for help!